Every Class is open to all levels. If you have any questions please contact us. We hope to see you soon!

Traditional Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes listed below are listed in recommended increasing order of difficulty. 

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Level 1

Level 1

Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath

We will begin the session with extremely gentle breathwork to help to calm the physical and energetic body, preparing your deep journey within. The teacher will then guide you through a yoga nidra (yogic sleep) that rotates your awareness through the body and alternate sensations/emotions. Finally, the teacher will spend the rest of the session bathing you in the resonant frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes while you relax.

Restorative Yoga

This therapeutic class blends supportive restorative postures to open the body and relaxing breath techniques to cultivate awareness of body and mind. With the use of props such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets, restorative postures release tension and encourage surrender into a deeper sense of relaxation and stillness. This class is perfect for all levels of experience, and stages of flexibility.

Yin Yoga

A gentle and relaxing class that works deeply into the connective tissues. This class is suitable to all levels of students through extended holds of postures. Yin yoga focuses on restoring flexibility and/or working deeply into joints and tissues that are “locked up” from past injuries or from repetitive motion.

Foundations of Yoga

This class teaches beginners poses and the fundamentals of a yoga practice: proper alignment, breathing, and balance. Great for beginners and seasoned yogis. This class focuses on the most common postures and transitions presented in traditional flows.

Level 2

Slow Flow

This all-levels class explores slower movements and longer holds offer the opportunity to refine each posture and explore deeper sensations. The slow meditative pace of this vinyasa style practice focuses on connecting slow steady breaths with soft movements. This class is excellent for beginners or those wanting a slower-paced flow.

Yoga (All Levels)

A lighter flow class where students will be able to move with a sense of ease from one posture to another, coordinated with the breath. This softer pace will allow you to be more present with each posture. Designed to find your own balance of strength, stretch and flexibility, stability and ease, and to gain greater understanding of alignment and balance in the body.

Level 3

Vinyasa Flow

Come for the physical exercise, stay for the deeper connection of mind and body. A moderately paced yoga class with sequences designed to build strength, improve flexibility, and include smoothly flowing movements between poses guided by the breath.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a systematic and dynamic sequence. Focusing on breath, alignment and gaze. In this class, students will learn the basics of the Ashtanga Primary Series. This class is suitable for beginners with previous yoga experience and anyone with an existing Ashtanga practice. Students will be guided through the foundational poses of the Ashtanga Primary Series with additional instruction and modifications provided, so the practice is accessible to all.

Yoga Tone

Yoga Tone is the perfect blend of yoga flow and weights within 45 minutes. Class begins with a dynamic warm-up, then moves into yoga flows that use dumbbells, bands, sliders, and body weight to challenge muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular thresholds. Then cool down with some gentle stretching. Yoga Tone is the best of both worlds.

Power Yoga

This power yoga class is an invigorating practice that links the body with the power of the breath. This creatively sequenced class will focus on increasing mobility, core strength, and energy through various transitions and postures. All levels are welcome.

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial Foundations

Level 0
A 45-minute introductory course where we will talk about the aerial hammock, answer any questions students may have, and try a few beginners postures focusing on proper alignment. This class is not required before taking Aerial Yoga (Level 1), it is for those who may be a little nervous or want to learn more. This will be a very interactive class; students will never be required to try anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

Aerial Yoga

Level 1A

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and postures practiced using a silk hammock. It helps to deepen postures and range of motion. This class is an all levels class and is great for beginners. Class will start with a warm up from head to toe, making sure you feel safe and confident. This class will consist of instructions on how to use your silk safely and trust yourself. Class will include aerial yoga flows, individual poses, inversions and suspensions.

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Level 1B

A gentle class that blends supportive restorative postures with a low hanging aerial hammock. These long-hold restorative postures release tension and encourage the body to sink into a deeper sense of relaxation and stillness. This class is perfect for all levels of experience, and stages of flexibility.

Aerial Flow

Level 2

This class is a step up from the traditional “Aerial Yoga” class. We will work on going deeper into the postures we learned in Level 1, increasing flexibility, strength, and trust. The yoga flows will be longer, working to build mobility and strength within the silk.

Aerial Skill

Level 3

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. This class focuses on strength and conditioning to tackle more advanced tricks. More complex strength poses will be introduced. These poses will require core and arm strength, therefore you must take at least 5 lower-level aerial classes beforehand.

Intermediate Aerial Skill

Level 3
This class focuses on strength and conditioning to tackle more advanced tricks. More complex strength poses will be introduced. These poses will require core and arm strength, therefore we recommend taking at least 3 aerial classes beforehand. This intermediate class will help get you prepared to take “Advanced Aerial Skill” or Level 4.

Advanced Aerial Skill

Level 4
This is a high level intensity class. It is upbeat and focuses on very advanced tricks. You will learn a sequence of skills. These poses will incorporate lifts, drops, and advanced inversions. We recommend taking at least 3 Intermediate aerial classes beforehand.