Class Descriptions

Below is a brief description of each class we offer

Every Class is open to all levels. If you have any questions please contact us. We hope to see you soon!

Traditional Yoga Classes

Slow & Gentle Yoga

A calming and gentle yoga class. Slow moving sequences allow time to learn proper alignment and realize maximum benefit from your practice. Slow & Gentle Yoga is great for beginners or those looking to relax & restore.

Stretch & Flow

A slow vinyasa based yoga class that improves breath, body, mind, and space awareness. After we get to know our space and move through it, we will focus on gentle stretching. It’s a beautiful way to de-stress and practice self-care during the week.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa literally means “to place in a special way.” Vinyasa classes sequences are designed build strength, improve flexibility, and include smoothly flowing movements between poses guided by the breath. Based on variations of Sun Salutations. All-levels welcome.

Breathe & Flow

Simply put, yoga mean “to yoke” or to bind together two things. This class focuses on the union of breath and movement. Moderately paced, this class is open to beginners and provides challenges for seasoned practitioners.

Restorative Yoga

All levels are welcome! This class is a gentle, calming and therapeutic class. This class blends supportive restorative postures using props to open the body, gentle yoga and relaxing breath techniques to cultivate awareness of body and mind. Come and enjoy this restful yoga practice to help quiet the mind and move into a deep sense of relaxation.

Slow Power Flow

Enjoy a slow burn with this invigorating flow geared towards self-inquiry and body awareness. We will focus on strength and alignment while flowing with the breath.

Yoga Strength

This class will build heat, strength, and flexibility for students. Focused on connecting the body, breath, and mind through thoughtful movements and flow. All levels welcome.

Power Yoga

This power vinyasa yoga class is an invigorating practice that links the body with the power of the breath. With advanced variations offered, the practice builds strength, improves flexibility, and promotes physical well-being. All levels are welcome.

Free Karma Yoga

This class connects breath with movement as we practice the fundamental postures of yoga. Perfect for all levels, students can benefit from deepening their understanding of these core poses through linking of the breath, body, and mind.

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga

Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and postures practiced using a silk trapeze suspended at the waist. It helps you deepen your postures and range of motion.

Advanced Aerial skills

This is a harder level of skill compared to “Aerial Yoga”, you need to have taken at least 3 “Aerial Yoga” or “Aerial Strength” classes. This is a medium level intensity class.