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new to yoga?

"I want to do yoga, but I don't know where to start!"

Starting a yoga practice can seem daunting. What if I do it wrong? Do I need a mat? What’s about my injury? These are all valid questions and concerns, read our FAQ for answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no wrong question to ask.

 Below you’ll find a list of helpful information for you as you start your journey of yoga and a list of frequently asked questions.

Not unless you want to! Light on Yoga Fitness has yoga mats and props students can borrow that are thoroughly cleaned after each class.  Many of our students who own their own yoga mats bring their mats to practice with as well! 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. This gives ample time to meet your instructor, settle in, and answer any additional questions you might have.

No, we do not accept late entry.

For student and staff safety, the door gets locked at the beginning of every class. So please be aware of this policy and plan accordingly.

Any student who does not show up and/or cancel will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. Student’s have up until 4 hours prior to class time to cancel through the app. If they miss the cancellation window, they are to call or email us. The charge is non-refundable.

The following styles of class are best suited for newcomers:

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Slow Flow
  • Yoga (All-Levels)


You can also view our full range of class descriptions here.

Cancellation Policy:

You have until 4 hours before your scheduled class to cancel your reservation. If it is after the 4 hour period, you must call, email, or direct message us. Any student who does not show up and/or cancel will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. If they miss the cancellation window, they are to call or email us. The charge is non-refundable.

Renewal Policy

Students must request (via email) that the renewal be turned off before the recurring date. Any recurring purchase has a one week grace period for a 50% monetary return if the membership/package has not been used since the renewal. After the one week period, you are responsible for the amount as well as setting up the cancellation moving forward.

Please consult with your health care professional before practicing yoga. 

Please feel free to share any conditions or past injuries with your instructor before class starts. Always, always, always honor your own body when you practice. Students should never feel in any sharp, shooting or pinching pains while practicing yoga. 

Feel free to wear any sort of activewear that you feel comfortable in. For Aerial Yoga, we typically recommend pants to be worn and no hand jewelry is allowed to protect our silks from accidental rips or tears.

Yes!! Anyone may try out Aerial Yoga. Our aerial silks are strong and securely fastened to the ceiling of our studio.  They are rated to hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Students must be 13 years or older to attend class.

We like to think of our studio as a special place. We ask all cell phones be silenced when brought into the studio and stored with your belongings in the cubbies provided.

Why practice yoga?

Yoga has a plethora of benefits.

A regular yoga practice offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits to those who adopt a regular practice. Light on Yoga Fitness offers a range of styles and types of yoga, and each of them have their own benefits. Some common benefits of practicing any type of yoga regularly can include:

Improved Flexibility

Improved Focus

Increased Muscle Strength

Increased Heart Rate Variation

Decreased Blood Pressure

Decreased Anxiety/Depression

Increased Blood Circulation

Some helpful hints

No matter what type of yoga you choose to practice, we believe the following suggestions will ensure you have the best experience possible on your mat.

Show up

You don’t need prior experience. You don’t need perfect form. You only need a desire to show up to your mat and try your best.


Listen to your body. Our instructors at Light On Fitness will guide you through each class, but you will be your best guide. 


Let your breath guide you. It may seem awkward at first, but then again, most things are the first time we try things. 

all levels yoga

On Fridays, we offer a weekly FREE class for you to try!

Perhaps you are more adventurous and want to give Aerial Yoga a try? We’ve got you covered. Multiple times per week, we host Aerial Yoga classes structured for those who want to experience the freedom and safety our silks have to offer.

All are welcome.

Yoga is not just for the flexible. It is for the willing.

For more of a physical practice (or workout), students can choose any of our Vinyasa Style or Yoga Flow classes. These are more movement-based classes that improve strength, flexibility and coordination.

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