Scholarships Available

We believe that yoga should be accessible to all audiences.

Financial status or economic constraints should not deter any from practicing yoga. The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are for everyone! Please fill out our brief form with a short description of why you are requesting a scholarship Karma Membership

Scholarships are available at sole discretion of Light On Yoga Fitness management. Based on your explanation (given below), a member of the Light On Yoga Fitness management will be in touch with you to discuss your application for a scholarship.

Why do you require a scholarship?

Please note that requesting a scholarship does not guarantee one will be granted. We will do our best to accommodate everyone so they may enjoy and realize the benefits of practicing yoga. 

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Light On Yoga Fitness offers membership packages and drop in rates for every class on our schedule. More info about class days/time can be found on our registration site. Choose your registration option below.

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